Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the Soapbox Again

While it's doubtful that too many One For The Book readers live in Hawaii, this topic bears mentioning. If you've been a reader for a while you might recall a couple of nasty pieces of legislation (that were defeated before passage, thank goodness) in the California legislature a few years back that would have required basically mandatory spay-neuter of dogs and cats. And you might recall that this blog was one of the places where you found lots of opposition to those proposals.

Well I'm back on the soapbox. Again. Peggy over at AHBA has reminded us that the efforts to put MSN in place all over the US, yes even in Paradise (Hawaii) have not stopped.  There is a piece of bad legislation awaiting consideration in Hawaii that would require sterilization of any dog or cat that is sold or given away. Think about that and the reality of it. Yes Hawaii has limited land and resources and none of us is in favor of over population of dogs and cats but total extinction of dogs as domestic animals, is simply not acceptable.

Opposition to MSN can create strange bedfellows, as well. While you won't find many favorable references to AKC on my blog here is a link to the best article I could find about this Hawaii thing.

Hawaii SB2504 Would Outlaw Sale of Any Unsterilized Dog

The Hawaii Senate Committee considering this proposal meets on Tuesday February 7th. If you live in Hawaii, consider voicing your opposition on Monday. Or even today. What I learned about opposing those bills in California is that the Senators' fax machines work all weekend until they get jammed. Jamming them with hundreds of opposition letters might not be a bad thing...and if you don't live in Hawaii be prepared to fight this fight in your own state because I guarantee it has not gone away.

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