Friday, March 28, 2014

So(jo) Many Choices

After we reviewed the Sojos treats for Chewy, we got an email directly from Sojos asking us to review their dog food choices. They very generously sent us an ample supply of samples and also one complete regular size bag of their turkey complete grain-free (which we are still working on). The boys seem to like this one, and the only complaint that I have about it (well, two complaints I guess) is that you sort of have to make it up ahead of time, which requires planning. I am accustomed to Honest Kitchen, which I have used for years, and can be made up with just about ten minutes' notice. For the Sojos to get fully hydrated, you need more time than that. The only other complaint about the Sojos is that it does not seem to be very thoroughly mixed in the bag. So if you scoop some out, that scoop may have mostly one kind of bits in it (such as the sweet pototo/vegetable) but not all the bits (such as the meat bits). That can be remedied by shaking the bag up a little, before you open it. But that's another step I am not accustomed to taking. All in all it seems to be a really good food, and comparable in price to HK. The boys certainly liked it and I thought it smelled like Stove-Top Stuffing, after I poured the warm water on. Hummm...but no, I did not taste-test it myself! ha! :)

Sojos turkey complete grain-free

In our sample box there was were some samples of the beef complete grain-free, which is what I opened first. The boys really liked this one and I thought it was more mixed than the turkey (but that may have just been the effect of the small sample bag). I think if I were to buy more Sojos, that this beef complete formula is what I would purchase first.

Sojos beef complete grain free

Below is the original Sojos, which did not contain meat. For this one, you add your own choice of meat, and mix/re-hydrate. The original formula has quite a bit of grain and the grains are whole and not chopped up. So while this one smelled good when it was mixed (I mixed it with some cooked ground turkey for the boys) and the boys ate it right up, I am fairly certain I would not buy this product due to the grains and the need to add your own meat.  I know that HK has its own product which is very similar to this one and because of these same reasons, I have never bought it.

We have a couple of more kinds to try, one that you add meat to, and I am not sure what else. Stay tuned! Sojos was very generous with their samples! They also sent a teeny tiny bag of even teenier, tinier little dog biscuits which were incredibly cute. When I handed one to each of the boys, however, they looked at me like, "where's the rest?" I think they are too small for my dogs but would be great for tiny dogs who can get fat just looking at a bigger biscuit. More Sojos to come! I would like to say thank you to that company for reaching out to us to let us try their products. It is always interesting and these all seem to be great products.

Sojos original - you add the meat    

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