Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog Trial 2014

Coal and I ran in the Open on the "flat" field last weekend at the Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog Trial. He was up dog number five on the first morning, and the sheep were just a mite touchy, still, at that point (they were touchy all weekend but particularly so on the first morning of the first day). I was reasonably pleased with our effort. We made it to the pen and time was called but we got a score that ended up lying somewhere in the middle of the pack. The drive was all over the place but the lift, fetch, and shed were all good. On the outrun, I gave an extra whistle because it looked like he might slow up, as he sometimes does. The sheep had a huge bubble about them, and I shed them from much farther back than I normally practice shedding; that gives me yet another thing to add to my long list of things to practice. :) But we got our shed and made it to the pen. Not many handlers were able to pen, all weekend. For me, all in all it was a run to be glad about.

I took only a few pictures of various dogs on that first morning, and here below are a few of them. 

At the lift

Handlers waiting their turn

Turning the post

A dog stretched out in full on his outrun

A beautiful lift

The drive has ended and the shed begins

On the fetch

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