Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SoMething(s) To Blog About

In my last post I mentioned that there had not been much to blog about. To my surprise right after that, I got an email from Sojos saying that they would like us to review their dog food, based on our review of the Sojos treats from Chewy. Fun! I replied saying that for sure we could do that! After all, the dogs love to eat. :) Today we received a package with a number of different flavor sample sizes of Sojos to try.

Tonight I fixed the boys up two sample packets of the Sojos complete freeze dried, grain free beef flavor. First I gave Ryme a spoonful in a separate dish, as he is normally the most picky. He ate it right up! I thought it smelled a lot like stove top stuffing myself, so if do buy Sojos be careful that no other family members get their bowls mixed up while they are sitting on the counter.  :) Then I gave each dog a dollop of the Sojos on one side of their dish and a dollop of our regular dehydrated food on the other side of their dish. All of the boys ate up both sides of their dishes. So I think we have a winner! It does take longer to re-hydrate the Sojos than our regular food, Honest Kitchen. Sojos recommends at least 15 minutes and preferably, overnight soaking for their food. Honest Kitchen is definitely ready in 5 minutes according to their box, although I usually leave it a little bit longer.

We also have the Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog Trial on the calendar. So there is another So-mething to look forward to. Coal has a run in the Open. Fingers crossed.

We went for lessons with our trainer last week. It was a reality check-in on how practicing at short-er-ish distances does not prepare us for the longer distances in Open. All the work on opening flanks and crisper stops that I have been doing with Coal did not show up until I got him and the sheep within much closer range. At distance it looked as if we have not been practicing at all, which was somewhat disappointing. On the good side, Ryme showed improvement over the last time our trainer had seen him (which was a long time ago, I admit). Despite getting a lot better, Ryme is still not ready to trial in PN.  So I will keep working with him. Keepin' on, keepin on.


Ann said...

I feed tons of Sojos! I use the GF Fruit/Veggie mix with local raw meat. The dogs love it and thrive. If I have too much veggie and run out of meat, the chickens love it! And, we keep a jar of their teeny Good Dog treats by the back door to reward quick, back-in-the-house recalls.

A friend of mine shares them with her dog. . .one for me, one for you. The Apple & Dumpling smells amazing!

Billy said...

Thanks for the input! :)
We've never used the Sojos before, so I was intrigued to try it. They did send us some of the fruit & veggie mix samples, so when I get some meat to mix with it, the boys can try that one too.