Sunday, March 9, 2014

Green Grass

We do finally have some green grass coming up. There have been a few rain systems that made their way through the area and dropped some rainfall...that combined with some warmer days has made the grass (and dandelions) grow. We and our sheep are very thankful for all of that! Well, except for the dandelions in my yard which are going to have to go...there is still an overall drought but at least we have had a little bit of relief.

There has not been a lot else to blog about. A ewe that we bought last fall, one of two who were said to "maybe be bred" but we didn't know which one, dropped a pretty ewe lamb a few weeks go. So far, she is good. I don't take lamb pictures as they have only brought us bad luck in the past. People will have to take our word for it, for at least a while, that this lamb is darn cute.  :) She's getting to the playful stage, and while it's too bad that she doesn't have any lamb buddies to play with, she seems to be finding plenty of ways to play on her own.

I have been working my dogs when I can, but not enough and certainly not at enough distance, for Ryme and Coal to be at a trial standard. I had Ryme entered in a PN run but scratched him; he is just not ready. Coal could be ready but we'll have to walk to the post to find out. Both need more distance work and that means I have to put in the time and miles to make it happen, which is the ongoing dilemma. Spot and I are just trying to figure each other out, still; I have been working him some, but will give it some more time.

I don't even have a photo yet for March, to use in the blog. I guess maybe I am afraid to take green grass pictures as much as I am afraid to take lamb pictures!

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