Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bill Analysis - SB 250

Please take a moment to read the Bill Analysis of SB 250 from the Save Our Dogs website:

We encourage you to read all of it and take action by contacting the Senate Appropriations committee. The last paragraph of the analysis is really important so I am quoting it here:

We fail to see the point of this bill. There is no action that is currently legal that SB250 makes illegal. All it appears to accomplish is give local animal control the power to forcibly spay/neuter as many dogs as possible. What it does do is make responsible pet owners afraid of their local animal control agency. This will reduce licensing compliance. It will increase the cost of enforcement. Fewer dogs will be adopted because the public will avoid contact with the shelters. More dogs will be impounded. More dogs will be killed. SB250, The Pet Owner Punishment Act, just kills dogs.

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