Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missing Bid

A huge thank-you once again to all the kind folks who have responded to me about Bid's passing. I am hurting beyond belief but knowing that others care, really helps. I miss him terribly.

The other three dogs are a huge help. I don't know how I'd get through this without Chief, Coal and little Rime.

Thanks once again to all.


Anonymous said...

Billy,,I feel your pain


Jim said...

Go in peace, my valiant friend. Suffer no more; sweet sleep has come. Be welcomed by our friends; they have blazed a path for you to follow. Wait patiently, for I will join you again, your keen vision restored to lead our way, your strength renewed, for we shall journey on together forever. I learned from your courage in the waning of your days. You fought bravely through the pain, a whimper never passed, always by my side as I was by yours. Your battle is over, our grieving begins. Your place in my soul will always remain filled. So rest now in peace, my gallant companion, knowing how much I loved you and will miss you at my side.

~ Eulogy originally posted by Baby’s Dad when his beloved Zeke passed on

Via con Dios, Bid.