Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SB 250-What Can We Expect?

Quoted from the PetPAC website:

"So, what can we expect?

Appropriations can do one of three things:
1) They can hear the bill and vote it up or down. This is a 13 member committee, so it takes 7 to pass or fail.
2) They can assume the bill will have mandated state costs and refer it to their “Suspense” calendar to await a judgment by the leadership of both parties on which bills should survive and which should die. This determination is supposedly made after all bills that cost money are collected and a decision is made as to which are the most important to pass.
3) The chair of the committee can arbitrarily decide SB 250 does not contain state mandated costs and take the bill off the agenda and send it directly on to the Senate floor. That procedure is called 28.8. If you remember, that is what happened to AB 1634, even though the Department of Finance reported considerable mandated costs.
Two things to consider. The Appropriations Committee chair is Senator Kehoe. She voted for SB 250 in its first policy committee. She voted for AB 1634 in policy committee also.
SB 250 author, Senator Dean Florez, is the Senate Majority Leader, one of the Senate’s bosses.
My guess? SB 250 will bypass Senate Appropriations and 28.8 out.
What can you do?
Appropriations will try to shut us out, like they did to us with AB 1634.
Write members of Senate Appropriations and ask them to hear SB 250 because of its hidden mandated costs. If members of the committee put pressure on the chair, she might relent and have the bill heard.
Start writing, emailing, calling and faxing members of the Senate Appropriations committee right now. Call, Call, Fax, Fax, email, email. Don't Stop.
You want the bill heard. You want the bill defeated.
There are 9 million dog and cat owners in California why do they want to make them potential criminals?
With a $40 billion deficit, why do lawmakers want to take on more mandated costs?
It is legislation like SB 250 that turns citizens against its legislature. When legislators listen to their party leaders over their constituents, it is no surprise their approval rating is dropping like a stone.
Why does Senator Florez want to kill more dogs and cats?
The Senate Appropriations Committee analysis will NOT list support and opposition, so concerned owners and breeders are encouraged to communicate with their own Senator and the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee.
What You Can Do
Write, Call, Email or Fax your opposition to SB 250 to Senate Appropriations Committee members and ask your club to do the same.
Ask your club to allow PetPAC to list them by club name as official opponents."

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