Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

What would Memorial Day be without some backyard fun? Rime, Chief, and Coal got in some baby pool time this afternoon.

All day I have thought about the reason for the holiday. It's not just about firing up the grill and playing in the pool. As a child we would gather up bouquets of red, white, and pink peonies that grew in our yard, and put them in containers to take to the cemetery to decorate the graves. It was a day called "Decoration Day" almost as often as it was called Memorial Day. The floral containers were often just jars and cans saved for that purpose and covered in tin foil but they might as well have been crystal vases for the care that was put into the effort.

This weekend we built a new pen for some of our sheep at a different and very beautiful location. Today some of them got moved, including some new sheep that we collected from a friend. The new sheep were unbroke Barbs who gave Coal and all of us a run for our money but we got them into the trailer successfully (with just a little cowboying) and they are all in their new home. It is a feeling of satisfaction and a great distraction for me to work on a new project and accomplish something we've been needing to do.

Happy holiday to all!

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