Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SB250 - Encouraging News!

Please see the SB250 - Senate Appropriations Committee Update on the Save Our Dogs website
"California SB 250 was heard today in the Senate Appropriations Committee. There was no vote. Instead, SB 250 was put into the Suspense File. The Chair indicated that the committee will deal with SB 250 later in the month.

ZERO supporters spoke on behalf of SB 250, while 5 opponents spoke against it. Opponents’ testimony, follow-up Q&A kicked off by Senator Runner, and responses by a CA Dept. of Finance representative all made the case that SB 250 would be costly to California’s state and local governments. By the rules, SB 250 went into the Suspense File because the committee concurs that it will cost the state at least $150,000. Great job!

A bill can be brought out of “Suspense” with as little as two days notice and voted on by the committee, or it can remain in Suspense and just die there. Our job now is to make sure it stays in Suspense and dies. Politically, that is the easiest way for the majority party to kill a bill sponsored by one of their own, since there is no up or down vote.

The Senate Calendar indicates that May 29 is the deadline for Appropriations to get bills out of committee. Let’s keep up the pressure!"
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Thanks to all who helped. Please follow through with the directions on the Save Our Dogs website and also be sure to thank Senators Cox and Runner.
Send a donation to PetPAC if you can.

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