Saturday, April 12, 2014

McCormack Ranch

Wow, I was lucky enough to volunteer as a clerk last weekend at the McCormack Ranch sheepdog trial. I went last year and spectated for a day and wanted to go back this year to take in some more of the gorgeous ranch. I was asked to clerk for a day and said yes! The McCormack Ranch is such a fantastic site for a sheepdog trial, and then you add in beautiful, healthy, and challenging sheep from the ranch, and great judging and a hard-working makes for an all-around great trial.

I didn't take any pictures because I was clerking...but others have posted photos on Facebook so most folks have gotten to see at least a glimpse of the endless rolling green hills. I saw some really great dog and handler work.  I was actually surprised at how much grass there was, and how tall it was. The last couple weeks have brought us some bonus rains and those combined with recent warm sunny days must have really brought on the growth in the grass.

It was a long day but a great time! There were 13 Nursery dogs to run on top of the Open class so that was a bit of a haul but we got it done...the last run of the day, was the best nursery run and the winner of the class, so that made it all worthwhile. Congratulations to the winners!

Here is a field of California poppies near one of the fields where we work sheep...and Ryme enjoying some of our own green grass, lately.

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