Friday, April 4, 2014

R & R

A New Year's resolution for 2014 was to try to take more photos. I've been trying to snap a shot here and there -- even just with my phone if that's all I have with me --  thinking I would use it later in my blog. I think the blog entries are more interesting if they have a photo or two to go with them. Agreed? :) 

I've been saving the photos in a folder by month on my computer. Here it is already April and I have two photos from March random snaps that I have not used, and they are both of Ryme. So it is clearly time for a quick Ryme update.

Ryme is a rather big guy!

Let's get back to the sheep, Mom!

Neither photo shows his face but I am pretty sure that is because he was looking away from me towards sheep! We were practicing on some sheep at distance and I'd taken a break to enjoy my surroundings.

Ryme got neutered on Valentine's Day (Poor guy) and he has sailed through that procedure without incident. So, we are not quite two months' into it... and I think there is clearly improvement in his overall outlook. He seems a little bit calmer, is working better, and is tolerating Spot a bit more. In the last week or two I have even ventured to let all four dogs run in the pasture together and there have been no incidents. I am still keeping them separated at home or in close quarters; I don't want to risk it that Ryme might attack Spot again. The success of this procedure and the other input that I have been getting from others makes me think that I may also neuter Spot this year sometime. I am not sure yet, but that may happen.

Ryme ran pretty well at the RESDA trial last weekend. There is still plenty to work on with his confidence building and repeating in a trial performance what he can do at home to a greater percentage. But I think it is all pretty positive at this point in time. Neutering has done nothing to quiet Ryme's vocal nature, however! It would have been too much to expect. :)

Ryme is still my go-to dog for chores, sorting sheep, moving sheep from point A to point B. Best ranch dog ever. I've started a little bit of ranch-style shedding with him lately as well when the moment presents itself.  So that's the Ryme update: still a very unusual dog but I'm trying to give him a niche, and work to do.

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