Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Well, I'm only a few posts behind. Our sheep got sheared a few days ago and it's always kind of a festival-like atmosphere on shearing day. I guess we are channeling the days gone by when neighbors helped each other gather and shear, and then had a meal together following the work. These pictures show the same Scottish Blackface ewe - before and after she got sheared.


Her poor lamb screamed almost all the rest of the day, looking for her mom, who she did not recognize without all that wool. Even though mom was standing right next to her, the lamb continued to throw a fit. I guess appearances are everything, even to a sheep!

Our shearer is great and we are so lucky and grateful to have him to do our crew each year.

Our friend George was there and shot some video of the shearing this year. Here is a video link to some of the "Shearing 101" information that was shared that day:

Shearing 101

It is a nice feeling to have shearing completed for springtime. The sheep obviously feel much better!

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