Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Abundance of Riches

It seems there are an abundance of riches of photos taken of my dogs lately! I was so surprised and lucky to find these photos in my mailbox on my return home, Friday afternoon, after what seemed like another grueling work week. Thanks to Linda R. for forwarding them from the person who took them! They were taken at Willowside Ranch in Pescadero, I believe in summer 2009. Coal and I are working a ranch AHBA course with geese - not his favorite livestock - but it looks from the photos like we are doing all right. He is relaxed, I am relaxed. No rush, just getting those geese gate-sorted and finishing up our run. We had such fun in Pescadero over the years. Willowside is no more but our memories remain. Photo credits: R. Toews.

Speaking of which, "an abundance of riches" is a phrase I have picked up from my friend DJ, the lucky person who let his Derby winnings ride on I'll Have Another in the Preakness. I really enjoyed this video that showcases Flower Alley, the sire of I'll Have Another. The video is produced after the Santa Anita Derby and before the Kentucky Derby, and of course thus before the Preakness. Flower Alley is just magnificent. Enjoy:

Flower Alley - Sire of I'll Have Another

Congratulations to all the connections of I'll Have Another!

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