Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's That Time of Year...

The extra daylight early in the morning and later in the evening tells me, without even looking at the calendar. It's that time of year when I remember these guys even more than usual. Miss you - Augie and Bid!

I lost them both in mid-May -- Augie in 2007 and Bid in 2009. The mantra for 2012 is being in the present, however, so while I keep their memories with me all the time, my focus has to be on the guys that are here with me now and giving me so much, every day!

The results for Dunnigan Hills have been posted; it is apparent that Coal earned a few HA points for his efforts in the Sunday trial. Woo hoo! Another milestone reached. And Ryme is handling the world a bit better. He was a huge help in the pens when we volunteered at the Dunnigan trial. I'm going to give Ryme a go in a small trial, soon, just to see where we are. Ryme also survived a trip into a pet store on  Sunday; I let him pick out a toy. A couple of years ago Ryme would've been too freaked to go into a store, let alone walk on a large expanse of linoleum. It's the little things that make one smile!

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