Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Boys Are Back

The boys are back, that is they are going back on their raw diet. This kibble stuff is too crazy and making me too anxious. Not to mention that Chiefie has a raging case of, putting it non-delicately, the runs. They never get  in that state of digestive uproar on the raw food, well almost never. And on kibble it seems to happen all the time. So back they go. Put in an order with today.  We started the transition tonight. I hope all will be righted soon.

Next time we travel, or if I have to go out of town without them, I think we will use Honest Kitchen.


Ann said...

Tripe always puts my guys right! Happy for your peace of mind! :)

Billy said...

Ann, thanks for your help on kibble advice a few weeks ago. But it just makes me too nervous to continue, despite the convenience. Can't believe how much more water the boys drank while eating kibble. Just not happy with the whole idea...I hadn't realized until I set down their bowls last night, containing all the fresh food and said "ahhh". ;-)

Ann said...

Cool! I know that feeling well. . .and the water consumption is pretty trippy!