Friday, May 18, 2012

I Don't Need a Calendar...

I don't need a calendar to know what month it is. I might need one to know what day, but not what month.

It must be May if:

The foxtails are full and lush and starting to turn ominously yellow, here and there, as a teaser. One can almost hear the little devils chanting as they sway in the breeze: "You won't be working your dogs here soon, my pretty!!!"

Gas is hovering around $4.25 a gallon just in time for traveling to several dog trials. Maybe it will sink a little bit in time for the election. One can only hope.

The ticks are getting so bad that I am considering buying a fourth Preventic collar....for myself.  The ticks love to hang out on all the tall grasses (and the aforementioned foxtails) just waiting for a warm-blooded body to slide past. No, wait. I can't afford a Preventic collar for myself. Three collars, plus tax, was over $70. I can't get one for myself because of...oh yeah right that whole driving thing and putting gas in the tank.

On a positive note, several days ago I finally I did switch out the Easter bunnies in the dining room and replaced them with several happy American flags. Happy May, everyone!

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